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Keeping up with World’s Technical Pace - Roll Forming Technics from Taiwan

The introduction of industry-leading Taiwan high precision automatic roll forming machine, roll forming and punching integrated production line, to ensure the precision and high quality of products, to achieve precision manufacturing of star emblem products.

Keeping up with World’s Technical Pace - Italy Full Automatic Hinge Assembly Machine

Full automatic hinge assembly machine, a precise equipment, with intelligent detection technologies has been used so that the whole manufacturing processes are free of manual detection and makes sure the stability of finish products quality.

Keeping up with World’s Technical Pace - Tooling and tooling technics from Italy

In the Italy metal toolings, there are functions of chip removing, cooling, central integrated guide post, quick positioning, non-stripping punching, step shaping, anti-error punching and tooling steel ball assembly, etc. These reasonable designs and ultra-precision machining guarantee the over 20 years life cycle of the toolings and the Ra0.4 level surface finish.


Keeping up with World’s Technical Pace - High-End testing equipment

SACA’s test center has multiple high-precision 2-dimension and 3-dimensional inspection equipment, which provides a strong hardware guarantee for the company’s product quality inspection.

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